Zen Yoga

ZEN YOGA  leave calm, centred & nourished

Zen Purna Yoga, a style of yoga similar to Hatha Yoga, integrating the physical postures (asana) additionally with the teachings of pranayama (breath) and meditation. A mindful class that will leave you calm, centred and nourished.

All classes are great for everyone with modifications and adjustment offered to enable the practice accessible for all.

ZEN YIN YOGA  feel the body ease into the asana and let go.

Yin Yoga is perfect for those wanting a slow, relaxing, meditative yoga practice where you will relax deep into each stretch and emerge feeling soft, tranquil and open. Yin yoga poses apply moderate stretch to the connective tissues of the body including tendons, fascia and ligaments, with the aim of increasing circulation to the joints and improving flexibility. A passive and restorative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence.

Yin yoga is complementary to more active forms of yoga and exercise and is beginner friendly. For all levels of fitness and mobility!

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