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The b.class®

Roaming Zen is proud to bring to you the b.class®. We create a space for women to self-heal, transform, and connect. The b. class is an inspiring women’s 'fitness program' designed to let the heart and soul speak. We combine athletic movement with music to create a powerful connection within.

Connecting Mind, Body & Soul.

The b.class® makes you feel. The b.class® experience combines many different elements which will help you feel stronger both physically and mentally.

Join us at Roaming Zen for the b.class®

  • Tuesday's 7:15pm
  • Wednesdays 6am & 7am
  • Thursdays 9:15am & 6:15pm 
  • Saturday's 7:45 am 


This class is pure joy! Loved it from the very first move.  ~ Katie A.

What can you expect from your the b.class® Experience:


  • Feel empowered & connected to self
  • Smile wide!
  • Women only
  • Easy-to-follow choreography
  • Bodyweight exercise
  • Interval training (squats, burpees, pushups, etc.)
  • Concentrated balance poses (some hidden yoga moves)
  • Fun, motivating music that will move you
  • Intense cardio (as much as you want to make it)
  • Options are given for all levels of fitness (make your own modifications)
  • All ages and stages
  • A non-judgemental, welcoming environment
  • A good sweat
  • Motivation and inspiration 
  • Savasana (Relax-o time) at the end

Remember: Clean non-marking sneakers or Grippy Socks (socks available from Roaming Zen)

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