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Barre & Fitness

ROAMING ZEN BARRE  Feel Strong, Confident and Energised

RZ Barre is an intelligent exercise class, using a combination of movements from Ballet, Gym, Pilates and Yoga that quickly develops your body to be strong, lean and flexible.

The barre is used as a prop to balance, while doing exercises that focus on strength training combined with repetition of small range-of-motion movements.

We incorporate small hand weights and props for an all body workout, shaping and toning along the way. Improve your core and feel yourself get stronger each class.

Our focus is on delivering a quality workout and taking you safely through each movement. We offer modifications and options to intensify the workout which means that the Barre workout is accessible for everyone. You don’t have to be a ballet dancer or have rhythm - we help you find your own, get you moving and that is what is important!

" Seriously great instructors, I always feel challenged and always safely taken through my paces" Chloe L

Expect a dynamic class that gets your heart rate up, challenges your balance, precision and asks for just one more repetition so you really feel that burn. Finish the class with zen time of gentle stretching and leave feeling clear and energised.

At RZ, Barre is the foundation of all our Barre Classes...a GREAT place to start! 

New to Barre. Book a 1:1 with Jen or let your instructor know, they'll look after you. 

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