MASSAGE at Roaming Zen with Bec 

A little about Bec and her passion for massage.

Bec Fletcher has a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy from Evolve College and is a member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia. Since graduating from her Diploma she has undertaken a Certificate in Pregnancy Massage, attended workshops on Muscle Energy Technique (MET) and Somatics and is continuing to educate herself to stay on top of all the latest knowledge within the massage industry. Bec also has both level 1 and level 2 Reiki certificates.

Her passion for helping others, wishing to project positivity and healing into the world and her spirituality is evident in every treatment. A massage treatment from Bec is not just about what you receive on the table, it's about the environment you are massaged in (the colours, light, sound/s, aromas), it's about creating a friendly, supportive, professional relationship and it's about delivering massage therapy that is tension relieving, healing, deeply relaxing and energy balancing. Bec's massage style is free flowing, smooth and addresses superficial, mid and deep muscle layers for a full body release.

Treatment Types:

Zen Massage - The Zen Massage is a soothing, calming and restorative relaxation style massage. The focus is on establishing, or re-establishing, balance within the body and promoting deep relaxation not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. This "treat"ment involves a specially crafted music playlist and calming essential oil aromas (please let Bec, your therapist, know of any essential oil allergies). We want you to totally let go; let go of any type of stress within your life, let go of any level of anxiety held within your body, let go of everything that no longer serves you and allow your body, mind and soul to be gently restored. 

Deep Tissue Massage - The Deep Tissue Massage is for those that want to get a massage that's a little more vigorous and deep, but don't wish to have the massage focused only one or two areas (like in a Remedial Massage). If you're someone looking for a full body flush through at a medium-firm pressure then this massage style will suit you*. This treatment involves a specially crafted music playlist, energy balancing essential oil aromas (please let Bec, your therapist, know of any essential oil allergies) and may involve the use of a warming muscle balm, depending on the individual. Feel soothed, released and refreshed ready to tackle anything your day or evening has ahead after this massage treatment. 

*You are welcome to request some soft focus points, eg. upper back and shoulders neck, or lower back and glutes. However, please be aware that this may affect your therapist's ability to provide a 100% full body massage as time will be taken from non dominant areas to address your requested focus points. 

Remedial Massage - The Remedial Massage is a style best used for chronic problem areas, injury rehabilitation or sports performance/recovery. The focus of a Remedial Massage is dependent on the individual client. Each message is developed and performed specific to your individual needs. This treatment involves a specially crafted music playlist, invigorating and cleansing essential oil aromas (please let Bec, your therapist, know of any essential oil allergies) and usually involves the use of a warming muscle balm, stretching and home-based post care routine guides/suggestions (this does depend on each individual clients' needs). If you are injured, have a stubborn area of muscle tension or wish to support postural realignment Remedial Massage is recommended as your starting point. Note that you can claim Remedial Massage on your health fund extras cover. Depending on what type of cover you have will determine your rebate.

Pregnancy Massage - The Pregnancy Massage is available to any woman who is 12 weeks and beyond on their Pregnancy journey. You can even attend a Pregnancy Massage (with a qualified therapist) right up to and including your due date. Your massage therapist holds a certificate in Prenatal Massage from Pregnancy Massage Australia and has also been teaching Pre and Postnatal Pilates for over 5 years. You are in good, confident, safe hands! The focus of a Pregnancy Massage is to relax, relieve and soothe your body, mind and soul. This treatment involves a specially crafted music playlist and pregnancy safe (trimester specific) essential oil aromas (please let Bec, your therapist, know of any essential oil allergies). The aim of every Pregnancy Massage "treat"ment is to finish with you feeling a deep sense of relaxation and feel more connected to your baby and the journey you are on together. Feel totally nourished and nurtured with this special massage style. 

Treatment Prices:

Zen Massage -

45 min = $63

60 min = $86

90 min = $115

*Full Body Deep Tissue Massage, Remedial Massage & Pregnancy Massage -

45 min = $73

60 min = $96

90 min = $125


*Full Body Deep Tissue Massage and Remedial Massage can be claimed via private health fund rebates. Actual rebates will differ depending on the client's individual cover. 

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"I booked several massages with Bec for my husband and I and always feel rejuvenated afterwards. She can work on problem areas and give either a relaxing or a deep tissue type massage depending on your preference. And as others have said, she is always super professional!" - Jenna S

Bec is great. Professional and passionate about her work." - Annie S

"My experience with Bec was excellent - she was knowledgeable and professional and made me feel really comfortable. We checked my mobility prior to doing the massage, and following the massage I saw a huge difference immediately - I was quite pleasantly shocked at how much my mobility improved and its impact on my overall movement and posture. 10 / 10 recommend!" - Kiri B


"given solid advice about stretching and rehabilitating sciatica symptoms ~ highly recommend this knowledgeable practitioner." - Tim G

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