PILATES CLASSIC - what we are famous for!

A Pilates Classic is a Mat class incorporating the Pilates principles in each class - a great class to focus on form, breath and alignment… working through all planes of movement - you will feel balanced in mind, body & spirit. great class for beginners to Pilates to advanced.

PILATES FIT is based on a traditional Pilates mat class with added intervals of cardio so you can feel the burn.


New class - where music plays a part in the class, like Pilates FIT without the cardio. Except to sculpt the tiny muscles, move dynamically & feel a little heat in your muscles ????. All the love of Pilates CLASSIC class just amplified!


Exactly as the name suggests - it’s a surprise - could be any of our classes Classic, Sculpt or FIT - every one of our talented Pilates team will deliver a well balanced class, where you will feel the tiny muscles, the global ones - all of them & leave feeling the lengthening benefits of Pilates!


Combined Pilates principles, trigger point release techniques and stretching - this class focuses on releasing tension and tightness across the whole body. A great add-in for your week. Perfect class to enjoy if you've NEVER done Pilates before.Treat yourself to RnR!

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