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Here are some Zenny Tips to set you up for success!


  1. Eat more green veggies.
  2. Eat real food. Less packaged & processed food.
  3. Use rice malt syrup or dates instead of refined sugar & artificial sweeteners.
  4. Maybe cut out all the sweet stuff. ‘I Quit Sugar’ is a great online resource.
  5. Drink heavily & that’s WATER.  Aim for 30mls per kg of body weight a day e.g. 64kg = 2 litres.
  6. Eat slowly - food tastes SO much better when you do.
  7. Minimise naughty drinks... enough said!
  8. Eat wholemeal foods - think good fibre not processed. Try zucchini noodles or cauliflower pizza bases… they’re fabulous!
  9. Swap cow for goat, sheep or coconut, etc - we love cows.  Try some alternatives - see what you think.
  10. Try matcha, cocoa or protein powder for your afternoon wake up snack. ‘Healthy Chef’ & ‘My Tribe Type’ have some goodies.



Ultimately 7-8 hrs is perfect for maintaining optimal health & body recovery.  Not always achievable. Choose a few of these tips to ensure a good sleep rather than the length.
  1. Increase ‘bright light exposure’. Improves the quality of sleep & duration. Get outdoors, get some natural light into your day to help your circadian rhythm (body clock)
  2. Reduce blue light exposure at night… detox from electronic devices… no phone or computer in bed or just before!
  3. No caffeine late in the day. Caffeine can significantly worsen sleep.
  4. Reduce irregular or long daytime naps… short naps are better.
  5. Go to bed & wake at a consistent time each day. A regular sleep cycle is better.
  6. Nourish your body & mind before bed. Meditate, massage hands with lavender oil, warm drink. 
  7. Avoid alcohol before bed, it reduces night time Melatonin production and leads to disrupted sleep.
  8. Create a calming bedroom environment, low light & noise.
  9. Reduce your bedding. Find a comfortable weight of sheets & or blankets to keep your room temp about 18 degrees.
  10. Eat dinner earlier in the evening. Give the body time to digest, to enable the body to rest instead.



  1. Plan out your Zen schedule at RZ for the next 3 weeks & commit to it.
  2. Implement a daily meditation practice. Try Headspace or Elana Bower - these are two I personally recommend.
  3. Try Yoga. Add this into your weekly routine… you will feel VERY Zen.
  4. Breathe - practice Valoma Pranayama or Nadi Sodhana. Not sure ???? come to Yoga to find out.
  5. Read something inspirational or thought provoking.  'Top 20 best self-help books of all time’ for inspo. 
  6. Self-care. Have a massage or beauty treatment, Spa treatment at home or simply take a little more time taking a shower. Ahhh feels better already 
  7. Detox from the screen time… use your phone for what we used to use them to ring someone. It’s pure joy! For you and the other person!
  8. Take time to look up and give thanks for all the good in your life.
  9. Give someone a hug. Not only will you feel good but it is so much better shared.
  10. Make yourself the priority. You cannot keep giving if your cup is empty! 



Simply make 3 commitments to yourself & jump on board.

Here’s an example for a little inspiration. These are Jen's!

  1. Eat - more greens to keep my digestive system healthy
  2. Sleep - minimum 7hrs! Sleep so key for our physical & emotional health!
  3. Zen - 5 times a week. Movement is such great medicine for the mind, body & soul. Meditation will also play a daily part in my Zen time.

The best part is achieving 1,2 & 3 for yourself and feel better!!!