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Jeni Watson

Owner & CZO (Chief Zen Officer)

After leaping out of a successful corporate career, for Jen, coming back to the Barre in her 40's was like coming home. Starting ballet classes at age 5, Barre has been a combination of all of her deepest loves - yoga, pilates, and dance.

After spending the past few years immersed in study, Jen is a RYT ( Registered Yoga Teacher) 500hrs, Diploma in Clinical Pilates & Cert 4 in Pilates, a new chapter was born with Roaming Zen in 2016 - leading yoga and wine events throughout the stunning vineyards of Adelaide Hills and beyond.

After opening her own bricks 'n mortar studio in 2017 which offers regular classes, workshops, and more, Jen has now lined up inspiring global retreats for all movement and Barre lovers alike!

Toni Cartwright

Pilates & TRX Instructor

Toni has been a Pilates devotee and advocate since July 2008 when her husband sustained a serious lower back injury. While participating alongside her husband in his rehabilitation sessions, she noticed a positive change in her own mind and body.
In July 2011, Toni sustained her own life changing injury and her commitment to Pilates assisted in her recovery and her injury’s ongoing maintenance.
Deciding to become an instructor in 2013, Toni has since completed Polestar Pilates internationally accredited matwork and studio qualifications. She left her corporate career in October 2014 to fully commit herself to Pilates.
Providing enjoyable and effective Pilates sessions, Toni focuses on controlled movements, proper alignment and correct technique ensuring her clients get the most out of their class.
She is passionate about how Pilates provides a mind-body connection and how it can have a positive effect for every person, every day, both inside and outside the studio.

Anna Reudiger

Barre & TRX Instructor

Anna is a qualified Occupational Therapist and an experienced Barre instructor. What she loves most about Barre is that it is a safe workout that targets all muscle groups to strengthen and tone the whole body evenly, and can be modified to suit any age, body type, or fitness level.

Anna has always had a love for movement and music. From a very young age Anna would borrow ballet books from the library, and grew up playing netball, tennis, learning piano and singing, and has done ballet, hip-hop, jazz dance and musical theatre. With a love for music and movement, the combination of these two elements pulls at Anna's heartstrings and makes RZ Barre the perfect workout.

Anna is passionate about enabling and empowering people to live their best lives, and believes that health and fitness are very important elements to this, as well as building relationships and community. Outside of the studio, Anna finds her Zen through music, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the gorgeous outdoors.

Ashleigh Hauschild

Barre, TRX, Dance & Yoga Instructor

Ashleigh as a young girl was interested in football and playing with
her two older brothers at the family hobby farm. At the age of eight,
having become a complete tomboy, her mother enrolled her in
dance lessons to build grace, coordination and confidence.

It was then that she grew a passion for the performing arts and has been
performing ever since(don’t worry, her love of football still lives on).

Ashleigh has travelled all over the world performing in shows such
as Hansel & Gretel, Cinderella, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Funny
Girl, Follies and CATS the musical starring Delta Goodrem.

Through the demands of dance, Ashleigh discovered the benefits
of pilates, finding it extremely beneficial for improving strength,
flexibility, toning and injury prevention. This led to her training in
barre and pilates in 2013.

Ashleigh is excited to be moving back home to Adelaide to drink
cups of tea on the deck and beat her family at canasta.

She will be returning to university to study a Bachelor of Health and
Rehabilitation Science and hopes to study yoga in the near future.

She is absolutely thrilled to be a part of the beautiful Roaming Zen
family and can’t wait to grow, sweat and laugh with you all!

Hayley Johns

Barre, Pilates & TRX Instructor

Falling in love with Barre in 2014 after finding it the perfect escape from traditional gyms and standard workouts, Hayley started teaching Barre in April 2016. As an instructor,
she aims to keep her classes fun and balanced, while also challenging.
Hayley has recently completed her Certificate IV in Pilates and is currently studying Physiotherapy and a Diploma in Clinical

She has been interested in health her whole life, also completing a Bachelor of Human Nutrition. Her aim is to be able to support everyone in their journey towards health and fitness.

Hayley is an advocate for exercise to help clear the mind and improve overall wellbeing and hopes everyone is able to walk out
of class feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world outside the studio.

Amy-Beth Seeley

Yoga Instructor

I have always been interested in health and wellbeing which lead me to my career path of a Clinical prosthetist orthotist.

My yoga journey has grown along side my clinical career and I feel the overlap of Easter and Wester health methodologies and practices has really brought me to a place of balance and well being. I believe our bodies are truely magical and have such amazing powers for communicating and healing.
My own yoga practice has taught me to turn off the white noise and listen more carefully to my body, enabling me to move and think in ways that really nourish my mind, body and soul.

I believe we all have the ability to feel amazing most days and yoga can genuinely influence this. I love being able to share my knowledge of both the body and the asanas to help people enhance their wellbeing, regardless of their goal being, physical, emotional or even social.
My teaching philosophy is built on some advice given to me by a mentor that ‘yoga is not a performance, it is a transformance’. I embody this advice by acknowledging within the practice of yoga there is no end destination, no shape that must be achieved, only to open ourselves up to the feeling of both the movement and mind.

My hope is that these feelings will stay with you as you step off the mat and bring a sense of wellbeing to your life as they have brought to mine.

Cathie McGill

Yoga Instructor

Cathie's passion of the body-mind-spirit connection began as a Remedial, Myofascial/ Cranio Sacral Therapist 28 years ago.

A suggestion from a friend to try Yoga for her back pain, neck pain & anxiety was welcomed, the integration of Movement, Breath, Rest and an Invitation to "join with" her intimate self brought a new paradigm of being so much she pursued and completed a two year Diploma in Hatha Yoga.

She has gathered an extensive repertoire of training in various forms of Yoga - Meditation and Stretch Therapy along with other modalities since then and has an interest in Restorative Practices that support a healthy Nervous System along with Trauma Sensitive practice.

Her approach is therapeutic & integrative and offers a wholistic approach to classes, integrating Alignment, feeling, breath and weaving positive intentions into the heart of others.

She brings both Eastern & Western practices together to form a basis for wellness.


"Cathie has to be the Best yoga teacher ever!!. Cathie's classes just feel right and absolutely amazing, Cathie Really knows what she is doing, she somehow can read exactly what you need in each session and somehow is on the mark every time.

Before meeting Cathie....over the years I have been through many other yoga studios and have never floated out of a class like I do with Cathie's class. I am sooo blessed to have found Cathie (Brooke Walsmley)"

Ade Yap

Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Ade started yoga when she started working in the corporate world, however building a career took a focus & her yoga a back seat.

The long work hours coupled with bad posture, had her back to the mat to alleviate “the pain in the neck” and Yoga & Pilates became her rehab both physically & mentally. With a consistent practise, Ade now has regained mobility in her body but is also a happier & healthy Ade.

As a teacher is a real advocate for yoga & Pilates and benefits of positive movement for the body. A bubbly & happy teacher, expect a strong work and a good Pilates or yoga belly laugh!!

Bec Fletcher

Pilates & Barre Instructor

Bec began her journey into the health, fitness and well-being industry in her early 20’s.
Fast forward 8 years and Bec has been teaching Pilates, Yoga & Barre Fitness for 7 years and owned her own Pilates/Yoga Studio, @shamatapilates, for 3 years.

Bec enjoys the teaching and sharing her love of movement especially in Pilates & Movement. She has just completed a Diploma in Remedial Massage. With fresh new physical therapy skills Bec hopes to power on forward with my work within the health, fitness and well-being industry.

What to expect in a class with Bec?

In the words of Bec!
ABS! Love, love, LOVE abs. It's not a good workout for me unless I get a good ab burn so I give it to my client's too. It's just so satisfying and so good for you. I love hearing client's groan and see their bodies shake and faces wince as we ramp up the intensity. It's a love/hate feeling for the client's, but usually they thank me later. ;)

Jess Li

Pilates Instructor

Jess has been doing various classes at Roaming Zen since its beginning and became dedicated to Pilates because it not allowed her to become more in tune with her body but tone her body without sweating it out at a gym.

Her journey to becoming a pilates instructor started when Chief Zen Officer Jen asked her if she ever thought about teaching pilates. After some encouragement from Jen and friends, she made the commitment and is now qualified instructor through Studio Pilates.

She is very excited and thrilled to join the Roaming Zen family.

Her teaching style: Making the muscles ‘sing” and have laughs at the same time.

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